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Since 2000, Suzhou-Chem Inc. has imported and distributed food ingredients for the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries. As a premier supplier of vitamins and high-intensity sweeteners, we leverage our deep industry experience, long-standing relationships, and industry-leading operational efficiencies to provide our customers with a durable competitive advantage. We exclusively source our materials from the highest quality manufacturing partners we selected based on reliability, sustainability, transparency, and value. Having served all types of business in the past 20 years, we know what buyers want in a distribution partner and are committed to exceeding their expectations.

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Procurement Simplified
When you partner with Suzhou-Chem, you can expect us to resolve your supply chain challenges through personal customer service. We leverage our global market intelligence and scale in our responsible sourcing strategy along with our industry-leading delivery performance and supply chain transparency initiative so you can focus on your core business. We offer “just-in-time” delivery to your manufacturing facilities from our 10+ stocks strategically located throughout North America to reduce your inventory overhead. Suzhou-Chem maintains extensive inventory to ensure continuity of supply for our customers through the support of significant owner financing. Additionally, we leverage our in-house creative and technical capabilities to engineer superior results. Our well-tested inventory management and order processing systems ensure we lead the industry in customer satisfaction, cycle time, and accuracy. All our product quality documentation is readily accessible, and we can integrate with TraceGains for your convenience.

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Suzhou-Chem Has Calcium Ascorbate Inventory Available in New Jersey
July 20, 2020

Since COVID-19, Ascorbic Acid market has been tight, especially for Calcium Ascorbate. As a premier supplier of vitamins and high-intensity sweeteners, Suzhou-Chem leverages our deep industry experie…

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Distribution with Integrity

At Suzhou-Chem, our mission is to create value for our customers by taking on the challenge of optimizing a global supply chain. We are a dynamic and results-driven business committed to solving the difficulties associated with logistics and procurement. By working with best-in-class manufacturers and certified 3rd party logistics service providers vetted by our deep business intelligence, we can cost-effectively scale to your needs. Moreover, we are continually adapting to industry developments by embracing digitalization and analytics as we expand our portfolio offerings and services to new geographies.

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