Product name

Thiamin (Vitamin B1)

Synonyms and Related Compounds
Thiamin or Vitamin B₁
Appearance: White or almost white crystalline powder or colorless crystals
Assay: 98.5% - 101.0%
Analysis standard: FCC/USP/BP/Ph. Eur.
Kosher, Halal, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free
25 kg net weight carton with two inner plastic linings and vacuum-sealed bag.
Supplements (tablets, capsules), food fortification (cereals, flour), vitamin premix, animal nutrition
Thiamin or Vitamin B1 is involved in many aspects of metabolism and it is found meat and plants and absorbed in the small intestine. Individuals with a Vitamin B1 deficiency or beriberi, previously common among sailors who lacked foods, such as rice bran, containing B1 in their diet, can suffer from muscle weakness, heart failure, and other serious symptoms.

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