Product name

Stevia Reb M

Synonyms and Related Compounds
RM95, Rebaudioside M, Reb M
Appearance: White powder
Analysis standard: FCC/USP/BP/Ph. Eur.
20 kg box
Beverages, fruit juices, tabletop sweetener, protein powder, dairy products, chewing gum, toothpaste, desserts, sauces, baked goods
Reb M is a rare steviol glycoside occurring at 0.1% concentration in stevia leaf and considered to be the test tasting. Steviol glycosides are non-caloric natural sweeteners that are extracted from the leaf of the stevia plant. Reb A is 240 times as sweet as sucrose. The extract is often mixed with inulin or erythritol for applications that require reduced sweetness. Its stability at high temperatures allow Reb M to be used in baking application where aspartame would be unsuitable.

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